A Dream Play - May 2007
By August Strindberg and newly adapted by Caryl Churchill
Photo by Sarah Fischer
In Caryl Churchill's spare and resonant version of August Strindberg's
expressionistic "A Dream Play," a heavenly creature named Agnes comes down
to earth to experience human suffering and report back to god, the gods,
whatever. This fantastical dive into the subconscious is a tale of biblical
proportions, a sort of "David Lynch does Joan of Arc in Wonderland."

As Strindberg said about the play, written in 1901, it imitates "the disjointed yet
seemingly logical shape of a dream. Everything can happen, everything is
probable and possible. Time and space do not exist." Characters merge into
each other, locations change in an instant, and a mysterious locked door
becomes an obsessively recurrent image.

Through movement-based ensemble exploration of "the grotesque", using
Meyerhold's Biomechanics, Ensemble actors bring Strindberg's darkly comic
abstraction to strange and wonderful life.

Cast of A Dream Play: Precious Butiu, Andy Clawson, Kelley Faulkner, Annie
Katica, Lindsey Newman, Amie St. Amour, Robert Walker, Owen Yen
, and Grin

Crew & Design Team: Andy Clawson, Kelley Faulkner, Sarah Fischer, Jason
Gorgen, Chance, Kari Podgorski, Terry Podgorski, Emily Purington, Carter
Rodriguez, Alexis Tabor, Sara Torres
, and Grin

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Photos by Edward Atkinson